Quilting and Embroidery: A Perfect Match!

Monday, Sept 8th at 7pm

Mark your calendars for our kickoff meeting for our new era in County Line Quilters!  We can swap stories about our great vacations, fun quilt shows and fabulous quilt store discoveries!  Looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  Don't forget to bring your show 'n tell!  (I'm sure you've been productive...)

Our first speaker of our 'new' year Michele McLaughlin who will be talking about "Quilting And Embroidery: A Perfect Match" !  Michele will be display and discuss vintage quilts and new trends in embroidered quilts.  This is a new topic for me, so I'm excited to learn more - I hope that you'll join me!

Meeting will be at New Britain Baptist Church, Butler and Tamanend Avenues in New Britain PA.   Guest fee is $5.

Quilts from your Garden?

Monday, June 9th - 7pm

Our last meeting before summer break will get us inspired to sew -- or garden! -- when award winning quilter Karen Dever presents her program "My Garden Of Quilts - Botanical Textiles". We'll also indulge in our annual Ice Cream Sundae Social and vote on our new officers. See you at 7PM!

(or earlier if you'd like to join us for Dinner With The Speaker! See below for details.)


June 9 - Dinner With The Speaker!

Join us at the New Britain Inn at 5:15 on Monday June 9 for dinner with our speaker for that night, Karen Dever. Let Sue Edelman know if you will be attending and she will have the restaurant set aside a table for us Contact Sue by email here  or by phone 215-659-2744.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

Stitch and Pitch Night at the Phillies! - August 6, 2014

Stitch and Pitch Night returns to the Phillies this year! Join your friends from County Line Quilters at the Phillies game on Wednesday night, August 6, 7:05PM for a fun evening of baseball and sewing.  Needlework enthusiasts take over Citizens Bank Park and stitch away while hopefully watching the Phillies win. Think knitting, embroidery, hand applique or piecing - small hand projects you can easily work on while seated at the game.

Tickets cost either $27 for Arcade Section seating (sections 233-237) or $18 for Terrace level (sections 330-333). That's a $6 savings off the regular price of tickets!

Telephone Sue Edelman (215-659-2744) by June 15 with your order of how many tickets and what price. Non-sewing friends and family are welcome to join us but must put up with possibly losing their dignity at being seen in a needlework crowd!

Back By Popular Demand... Quilters' Strip Poker!

Monday, April 14th - 7pm

We had so much fun with this last year, we've decided to do it again! To participate, you should bring 13 fabric strips, each 2 1/2" by 42" (like a "jelly roll" type strip) and your sense of humor! This game is easy to play and a lot of laughs - and the Grand Prize Winner could go home with over 100 fabric strips. Everyone goes home having had a fun evening!

If you're bringing a guest to this meeting, their $5 guest fee provides them with a set of strips, so there's no need for them to bring any with.  Members who don't have fabric (IS there such a thing??) can also purchase a set of 13 strips for $5.

Boas and G-strings are optional....

A Wealth of History in Local Quilts

Monday, March 10th at 7pm

This month we are excited to welcome Candace  Perry from the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center for her program on Pennsylvania German Quilt Heritage.  The Schwenkfelder Museum has an incredible collection of antique quilts and coverlets and Candace will be sharing some of their best with us.  You'll be amazed at how pristine these quilts are, and by the enjoyable stories behind them and the history of the Schwenkfelder religious community in our area.  

Plan to join us for a very enjoyable meeting and also before the meeting for "Dinner with the Speaker" at the New Britain Inn at 5 pm.  If you would like to join us for dinner please RSVP to Sue Edelman here by March 9.

Don't Be Afraid to Show That Quilt!

Monday, November 11 - 7pm

On November 11 we welcome Helle May Cheney of Flemington, NJ as our speaker. Helle May's patterns have appeared in magazines such as American Quilter, Quilters Home, and Quilters Newsletter and her quilts have been accepted into AQS shows and the Hoffman Challenge.   Her Estonian heritage is a source of inspiration for her quilting designs and we will see examples of it in her program "Don't Be  Afraid To Show That Quilt!"- a timely and inspiring topic as we begin to register our quilts for our April 2014 quilt show.  Visit Helle May's website www.hellemaydesigns.com for a sneak peak at her original designs!      

 And... don't forget your Monochromatic Challenge quilt is due at this meeting.  Now, I know most of you have it all completed and ready to go but just in case... Here are the rules one more time.  Good  luck!

Pennsylvania Dutch Quilts: Folklore and Superstition

Monday, October 14 - 7pm

County Line Quilters is excited to welcome noted antique quilt collectors Pat and Arlan Christ to their Monday October 14 2013 meeting on the topic "Pennsylvania Dutch Quilts:  Folklore And Superstition".  Their presentation of quilts from the 1800's to early 1900's  will begin at 7PM in Fellowship Hall of New Britain Baptist Church, Butler Avenue and Tamanend Road.

Arlan and Pat Christ want to preserve the legacy of quilts from past generations by sharing the history that surrounds the art of quilting.  They enhance their wonderful collection of antique quilts with knowledge not only about the quilts themselves, but about the times and society from which the quilts evolved.  

The Christs will be sharing a number of the most colorful Pennsylvania Dutch quilts made during this period.  Their unique designs and quilting patterns have created the “Dutch” folk art we collect today.  Learn about the connection of “quilts”, “hex signs” and the world of “folklore and superstitions.”  Don't miss it!

What's in Your Scrap Basket?!!

If someone told you that you could make quilt blocks such as the Pineapple, Log Cabin, Off-center Log Cabin, Sunburst Star, and Geese in the Cabin (to name a few) with just squares and strips of fabric or scraps, would you believe them? What if they also told you that the blocks use no foundations, no templates, no triangles and have no Y-seams but turn out perfectly square and all the same size, even in miniature?  Meet Nancy Bills, our September speaker, and her "Perfect Strips" technique.  

Join us in September at our new venue and see Nancy's exquisite quilts.  She will be showing quilts from her collection - both antique and her own - and talking about things she has learned over the years as a quilter.  And, in addition to talking about her quilts, she will include tips for construction, quilt assembly, and design... as well as her "Perfect Strips" technique!

Feeling Lucky?!!

Our May meeting is 1 week later than usual, on Monday May 20 at 7PM and will be a night of Fun and Games featuring "Quilters Strip Poker". This is a lot of laughs activity with the potential for someone to go home with enough collected fabric strips to make their own Jelly Roll 1600 quilt.  

To participate, each member should bring their sense of humor and 13 jelly roll type strips (strips of fabric measuring 2 1/2 inches wide by approximately 42 inches long). If you don't have strips, a limited number of packets of strips will be available for purchase at $5 a packet. (We would like to reserve these packets for that night's guests, so would appreciate regular members doing their own stripping - er..... doing their own CUTTING of strips in advance!!!)

Don't forget, in May we don't meet on the 2nd Tuesday due to church use of our normal meeting room that night. We meet on May 20, the 3rd Monday, for this month only. If you show up on the 2nd Monday looking for the strip poker game, the church may have something to say about what we do at our meetings! :)

Sliver Piecing or Sliver Syndrome?!

Have you ever seen an absolutely delicious dessert and told yourself that you will only treat yourself to one little sliver... and then another and maybe another?  I've always called that the sliver syndrome!  April's speaker takes the "sliver syndrome" in a healthier direction, but her quilts are just as tempting!

At our April meeting we welcome Lisa O'Neill, creator of the sliver piecing technique and author of Sliver Quilting.  Lisa has made some extraordinary quilts using this cool technique and she'll share with us where it came from and how it all happened!  Lisa has created a variety of different looks with this technique and she says it is easy to create complex-looking designs.  Join Lisa to see her quilts, and learn how she does it.  And no…there is not one bit of paper piecing involved!

Check out Lisa's amazing quilts at http://www.athreadfromtheedge.com/

Lisa will have copies of her book available for sale.

Healthy & Happy Sewing Machines -- With Debbie Byrne!

Where would we be as quilters without our tools?  Fabric aside (plenty of fabric!), most of us have assembled a collection of favs - rotary cutters, rulers of all sizes and functions, markers, scissors and the list goes on.  But unless you piece entirely by hand, your most important and probably your most expensive tool is your machine. 

Our speaker for March is Debbie Byrne.  Deb grew up in the sewing industry working in her family's store.  She does fashion sewing, heirloom and home decorating, and a little quilting, too!  She knows fabric, needles and threads and, as the owner of Byrne Sewing Connection, she has come to know those wonderful machines that we value so very much.  Join Debbie as she talks to us about how to keep those machines healthy and happy…what maintenance we should be doing on a regular basis and how to do it…and how to troubleshoot any problems we might be having.  Is your thread breaking?  Getting those annoying thread knots on the back of your sewing?  Maybe your stitches just aren't looking as nice as they used to?  Let Debbie give you some tips to solve those problems, or better yet, avoid them in the first place.  For most of us, our machine is by far our most expensive tool so join Deb to learn what you can do to keep it humming happily!