Feeling Lucky?!!

Our May meeting is 1 week later than usual, on Monday May 20 at 7PM and will be a night of Fun and Games featuring "Quilters Strip Poker". This is a lot of laughs activity with the potential for someone to go home with enough collected fabric strips to make their own Jelly Roll 1600 quilt.  

To participate, each member should bring their sense of humor and 13 jelly roll type strips (strips of fabric measuring 2 1/2 inches wide by approximately 42 inches long). If you don't have strips, a limited number of packets of strips will be available for purchase at $5 a packet. (We would like to reserve these packets for that night's guests, so would appreciate regular members doing their own stripping - er..... doing their own CUTTING of strips in advance!!!)

Don't forget, in May we don't meet on the 2nd Tuesday due to church use of our normal meeting room that night. We meet on May 20, the 3rd Monday, for this month only. If you show up on the 2nd Monday looking for the strip poker game, the church may have something to say about what we do at our meetings! :)