Healthy & Happy Sewing Machines -- With Debbie Byrne!

Where would we be as quilters without our tools?  Fabric aside (plenty of fabric!), most of us have assembled a collection of favs - rotary cutters, rulers of all sizes and functions, markers, scissors and the list goes on.  But unless you piece entirely by hand, your most important and probably your most expensive tool is your machine. 

Our speaker for March is Debbie Byrne.  Deb grew up in the sewing industry working in her family's store.  She does fashion sewing, heirloom and home decorating, and a little quilting, too!  She knows fabric, needles and threads and, as the owner of Byrne Sewing Connection, she has come to know those wonderful machines that we value so very much.  Join Debbie as she talks to us about how to keep those machines healthy and happy…what maintenance we should be doing on a regular basis and how to do it…and how to troubleshoot any problems we might be having.  Is your thread breaking?  Getting those annoying thread knots on the back of your sewing?  Maybe your stitches just aren't looking as nice as they used to?  Let Debbie give you some tips to solve those problems, or better yet, avoid them in the first place.  For most of us, our machine is by far our most expensive tool so join Deb to learn what you can do to keep it humming happily!