Letter from our President to welcome the NewYear!

Happy New Year Quilters,

The Romans had it all together when they decided to have a god with two faces to look back and to look forward. Janus was the deity to show us how to hope for the future and remember what has occurred in the past.

So, a special time for the Romans was selected. January is here. Time to remember and a plan.

For me, I remember the fantastic quilts that were shared, the interesting speakers, and the fabulous treats that members have brought in to share. The procedures we went through to reach our non-profit status were complex and successful. Budgets were considered and voted into use.

The quilters that have been active and caring are the most important and impressive of the last fifteen months. Committee chairs and Officers have done the activities that make our group so productive. Look to the last page of this newsletter to see who they are and remember what they have done. Our budget and finances are healthy. We have increased the frequency of speakers. Members have volunteered to chair our upcoming quilt extravaganza and the worker bees are making it all happen.

I see progress, but even more exciting are the plans for the future. I look forward to seeing so many wonderful quilts on display at St. Cyril’s Church event hall. I am eager to see members setting up our show to share the art of quilting. Our January meeting will be devoted to organizing donated item for the show and it will be heartwarming to see members working together to organize fabric, yardage, color and pattern. It will be exciting to witness the winning ticket randomly picked for the

winner of our bright and beautiful raffle quilt and even more exciting to see the winners of the minis. If you have never been to a County Line Show, you will be awed by the creativity.

See you at the meeting,

Carol Breinig President




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Oh, I'm so excited to see that the show will be @ St Cyril! Our event hall is a beautiful place, and there's plenty of convenient parking on site. I'll finally be able to get to one of your shows. Could you tell me the date & cost, so I can prepare? If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Sincerely, Royce Ellen Hettler Get Outlook for Android From: Posthaven Posts Sent: Tuesday, January 2, 11:52 AM
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