Lots of fun ahead at our meeting on November 12th!

We’re ever thankful that we will enjoy the return of 2 of our favorite events!  Hope to see you

Annual Guild Challenge Quilts:

If you’ve been working on a quilt for this year’s challenge, “A Reason For Quilting” bring it in a brown paper bag and meet Gina in the closet at 6:45PM.  A brief written story about how the quilt reflects this year’s theme should be included.   If your name appears on the quilt, please cover it for tonight’s challenge (blue painter’s tape works great)

While the quilts are being hung and admired, we’ll start the

Trash To Stash Auction!!

Too much “stuff” in your sewing space?  Are there patterns, books, fabric and sewing gizmos that you now wonder why you ever purchased? How about things you bought more than once, because you didn’t remember purchasing them the first time?!  Or stuff you were stuck with by well intentioned non-sewing friends and relatives??

Start your spring cleaning early and bring those unwanted extras to County Line Quilters’ November 12 meeting for a fun auction night!  Your “trash” will find its way into someone else’s stash – and do some good for the guild at the same time!

There are two ways things can be brought in for auction:

n  As Donation to the guild – what you bring will be sold, with all proceeds going directly to the guild treasury.   For your convenience, donation items can be dropped off at the Round Bobbin Quilt Shop in advance of the meeting, or can be brought to the meeting itself.   Our lovely auctioneer will set a price for them and find them a new loving home!  If donating fabric, please mark how much yardage each piece is.  We may group your donated items together into “lots”.


n  As Consignment – we will auction off your item and you will receive payment for it at the end of the night, minus a 25% commission to the guild treasury.   Items for which you wish to receive payment must be brought in on Monday November 12 at 6:30PM and registered with Sue Edelman and Nancy Wilkinson.  (No early drop off at the Round Bobbin)   You’ll set an opening bid price for each consigned item.    If it sells you’ll receive 75% of its sale price with the other 25% going to the guild.   If unsold, you’ll take it home that night.  If donating fabric, please indicate how much yardage each piece is.  Feel free to group items together in “lots” so that we can move the auction along.   If you do that, you’ll only need to set an opening bid for the full lot.


Either way, you’ll help Your Guild’s finances and have a fun evening of purchasing new to you treasures to cherish!!   (check  or cash – small bills preferred)

Guests are welcome to join in the fun too!  We’re meeting on Monday, November 12th at 7pm at Lenape Valley Presbyterian Church on Route 202 & Ute Roads in Chalfont, PA.