What's in Your Scrap Basket?!!

If someone told you that you could make quilt blocks such as the Pineapple, Log Cabin, Off-center Log Cabin, Sunburst Star, and Geese in the Cabin (to name a few) with just squares and strips of fabric or scraps, would you believe them? What if they also told you that the blocks use no foundations, no templates, no triangles and have no Y-seams but turn out perfectly square and all the same size, even in miniature?  Meet Nancy Bills, our September speaker, and her "Perfect Strips" technique.  

Join us in September at our new venue and see Nancy's exquisite quilts.  She will be showing quilts from her collection - both antique and her own - and talking about things she has learned over the years as a quilter.  And, in addition to talking about her quilts, she will include tips for construction, quilt assembly, and design... as well as her "Perfect Strips" technique!