Celebrate the Holidays with Your Quilting Buddies!

December 13th - 6:30pm

Please plan on joining us for our annual Holiday Party.  Take a breather from shopping and wrapping and relax among friends.  We'll have appetizers and desserts on the menu, and a quilters' gift exchange along with some fun and informative demos.  A perfect way to kick off the holidays!  Details on our "Meetings" page...

And the Winner Is...

What a great response we had to our My Favorite Martian (aka the UFO Challenge!) 2010 Guild Challenge!  We had 26 quilt entries... where members took up the challenge to complete one of their UFOs - the older the better! 15 members entered the challenge and 4 quilters had multiple entries. As far as some members can recall, this is the largest number of entries we've ever had. The voting was very, very tight. Congratulations to all the entries for participating in the UFO Challenge...this one will be a repeat in the near future.

Best of Show - Sue Albaugh for Fall Wooly Whimsey

Best Interpretation of Theme - Barbara Lewis for Wallhanging

Best Original Design - Ellen Johnson for Serengeti

Most Entries  (6) and Oldest Project ('Trapunto Blooming Trellis' from the '80s) - RoseMarie Wert

Shop 'Til You Drop!

In the true spirit of Black Friday, this month we launch out Giant Fabric and Book Sale!!!  Are you over-loaded with quilting stuff and need to weed out to make room for more?  Reserve a table at our November meeting and offer untold bargains to your quilting friends.  Still in the process of compiling an awesome stash?  We guarantee they'll be plenty of new stuff for you to chose from to expand that stash exponentially.  Contact Mary or Robin to reserve a spot, or just come prepared with a big bag and lots of $$$!!!  (Singles preferred...we're not really high rollers!)  Cya at the meeting and good shopping!

Dalen Keys Comes to CLQ!


This month the speaker will be Dalen Keys. You may have met Dalen when he was a vendor at our quilt show.  If so, you'll remember him as personable and laid back, with lots of amusing anecdotes.

His topic will be “Quilting, Creativity and Kids books.”  Dalen was born in New York but grew up in Alabama so he said he is a funky blend of north and south! He is a chemist by trade but always had an interest in writing. His first children’s picture book titled, Just a Quilt? was published in 2009. We hope you will join us and bring a friend.


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